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Anthony Powers April 24, 2014 at 09:53 pm
OK here is the deal>> You can keep your pit bulls if they have only 10 TEETH. And you need toRead More register them with the state by the end of the year. You will no longer be able to have them in the state any more and if you do it will be a felony. if you want any other dog a dog purchase permit will be required and you will need a special dog license or permit to buy DOG FOOD. If you fail to comply with these laws you will be a felon instantly. And of course you can only have dogs if your property is fenced in with a cage to put dogs in when you are not home. There will be a list of dogs you can not own any more in ct because they are a danger to kids, You know these laws are to protect the kids!!! No one should have an ASSAULT PIT BULL. There is no reason for it and they are weapons of mass destruction. Only the military and police should have Assault pit bulls. So better get malloy to institute these laws before more people DIE because of DOGS. Remember no dogs no dog attacks!!! I think these are reasonable DOG LAWS. Now i know the Gun Grabbing dog owning MOMMIES WILL AGREE.
Skitch April 24, 2014 at 09:54 pm
It's not the dogs, it's the people who raise them and the people who breed them. Breed lines areRead More being diluted with sloppy breeding, puppy mill breeding and back yard breeders. While I don't have any pit bulls myself I have met many which were very sweet and very friendly family pets. I do have 3 golden retrievers and am a golden retriever rescue volunteer. I had one adopted golden who was poorly bred, way too large, way too muscular and way too aggressive. worked with him for 3 years to try and correct some of his aggressive behaviors and finally said enough when he bit my older son who was 18 at the time 16 times up and down his arms. The attack was due to his guarding an object and was totally unprovoked on the part of my son. Unfortunately I have seen many a goldens put down because they are unadoptable because of biting or aggressiveness. No one believes it when I tell them. They say "not a golden" one of the most sought after family dogs in the country. Same goes for any breed of dog. It's all about breeding and they way they were raised/trained. Any dog can bite. Any dog can be vicious under the right circumstances. I have seen many vicious dogs that are the size of a big rat! It's not only the big dogs that attack and bite.
Nate Forrest April 24, 2014 at 10:05 pm
tommy boy, is this goon one of your shooting gumbas? A Florida man who pleaded guilty toRead More possessing a stolen firearm has been sentenced to three years probation, federal officials announced Thursday. According to court documents, Richard Sleeva, 48, admitted that he unlawfully possessed three Gemtech firearms silencers at a former residence in Pennsylvania, from 2001 through September 2009. As part of his plea, authorities said, Sleeva agreed to forfeit approximately 117 firearms that he owned and possessed at residences in Pennsylvania and Newtown, Conn. The firearms, which Sleeva voluntarily turned over to ATF agents in 2009, include more than 40 firearms silencers, more than 40 short-barreled shotguns, as well as several machine guns, semi-automatic handguns and semi-automatic rifles.
From the Lips of Marlboro Taxpayers
cynicinmarlboro April 24, 2014 at 01:03 pm
PaladinSF, you are correct. Interest in running for elections is also based on political connectionsRead More in a supposedly non-political position, as has been seen too many times in this and other towns. I pass the county school on Koslowski all the time and buses from all around constantly pull in and out of the lot so there are those students who must be attending only part of the day. So I don't see where it precludes a reciprocal relationship among the FRHSD high schools should the FRHSD be disbanded. I'm trying to understand your reasoning for duplication of personnel should the FRHSD administration be disbanded. The towns already have a superintendent and others performing the same duties. Why hire more? The only real changes I see might be in the high school itself, depending on how the organization develops. Perhaps we might even save money in salaries and benefits in the long run. Mike Rath, it was reported some time back that oversight in spending has been lacking, especially for legal expenses. Now that the old firm is out of the picture and the FRHSD got their hands slapped it might be better, but the FRHSD administration, as a whole, is still some of the highest paid in the state. Which, I assume, is why this was written in the first place. Do they really need another increase? Bad enough all the other unions feel they are entitled to more every single year, which the FRHSD BOE grants with each contract.
Curious George April 24, 2014 at 03:49 pm
People shouldn't confuse the provision that states that budgets which fall below the 2% guidelineRead More can not be voted down by the public with the fact that the voters can and should vote to replace the board members who voted to approve the budget in the first place, if that budget contained raises for the administrators. Too often we see board members rubber stamp whatever the Sup't. asks for regardless of the impact of those provisions on the taxpayers.
Jim Sage April 24, 2014 at 09:24 pm
The Budget and a video presentation are on the FRHSD website. Projected Admin salaries areRead More anticipated to drop; HOWEVER, that does not preclude any salary adjustments to those that are remaining. For example if one admin was to retire or due to downsizing, one or two are "pink-slipped," their respective salaries conceivably could be "divvied" up among the remaining admins. Don't know if this is the case--it's just a possiblility. I also see that the admins contracts expire in June of this year.
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MARIA ESCOBAR April 24, 2014 at 04:33 pm
@Harriet; """""Who the heck is "Fatwa from theRead More Jihadis"""""" "" Oh dear. I'm sorry I thought I was dealing with someone with a normal IQ and at least average World View. My bad. """"" use her shoulders as leverage and literally hauled me up and out of a gully""""""" Reality based conversation is what we seek in this discussion, not fantasy. It would make for a nice child's story if it had enough illustrations, you might want to try that. """""" A TSA agent happened to be seated two rows behind us, """"" Really? How did you know he was a TSA Agent?? Why was he seated on the plane? Was he armed? How did the person next to him know you?? Friend, co worker, ............. it's getting deeper and deeper...... This story wouldn't do well even as a children's book and no adult could be forced to buy it , , so you should just give up on this fictional PB story. Or at least research the made up characters and test the veracity of plot points against reality. Oh and; 1) why in heavens name would someone who needs a service dog (really needs one) pick a PB when it is such a controversial breed and having one makes for constant battles every where they go IN ADDITION TO THE HARDSHIPS IMPOSED BY THEIR HANDICAP.... 2) and why is every Pro-PB jihadi ( have your service dog type it in to google for you) the proud owner of a "Service Pit Bull"?? But can only produce the "bought it on line" certification which is issued sight unseen to anyone who coughs up a couple hundred bucks.?? 3) why, despite the apparently millions and millions of PB "service dogs" in existence, one never sees them used by the legitimate, long standing service dog organizations?? Do you even know who they are?? (LMFGDAO!!) 4) HAHAHAHA -------> """"While training towards becoming a certified service dog, she flew a round-trip flight 5.5 hours each way, in coach""""". QUICK what was the airline, date , flight number, ticket price, seat assignments and the departure/destination locations and gate numbers........ REALITY BASED hon, try for reality based.... And lastly, the FLUFFINGTON PEST???? you are quoting articles from the Fluffington Pest??? OMG, I feel privileged!! One seldom gets the opportunity to observe the "DOH", "PC" and "my imaginary PB friend" zeitgeists at work across the Freudian triumvirate, of a single human being.!! OOOOH Rah, you go girl!!
Igor April 24, 2014 at 05:08 pm
For all those people who hate pitbulls. Tough sh^t!! Get over it. I'm keeping mine. You don't likeRead More it? I don't care. End of subject.
Harriet Laurin April 24, 2014 at 05:26 pm
@Maria, Once again, you prove you are incapable of rational discourse. You are an idiot. Truly.Read More I don't need to produce receipts for the training (yes, my dog went through training with a recognized organization, happens to be a 501(3)c org - not a profit outfit). Are there "millions and millions" of PB service dogs? I doubt there are even "millions and millions" of service dogs of all breeds combined, let alone just one breed. But yes, there are SD's that are of breeds other than the typical lab/ret/GSD category. Ever hear of Shorty Rossi? Pit Boss? Ever notice what his service dog happens to be? If you could stop trying to be insulting (and failing to even manage that), you might actually learn something yourself. How do I know the guy was a TSA agent? Shrug, I didn't ask him for ID, neither did the person I knew who was sitting next to him. Was he armed? I have no idea. I wasn't next to him. I already had the dog. She just happened to be trainable to handle some tasks that helped alleviate issues related to medical conditions. No, my dog doesn't type. Nor does she answer the phone. Yes, I am quite familiar with a number of long-standing service dog organizations as well as therapy dog organizations. yeah, for giggles, why not some of the flight info? Airline? USAir, Flight on 3/10/12, Flight #0797, ticket price ($647.80 for myself and two additional passengers), departed 7:35 am from PHL to LAX) and I don't recall the seat numbers, but my dog and I requested bulkhead seating and received it. And, by the way, they provided my dog and I with complimentary access to the US Air lounge, and the staff there absolutely loved her. You need a photo of her sitting on the plane next? Or sitting in the lounge? I can provide it. Tell me where YOU live, and if it's close by, maybe we'll hand-deliver it. If you can learn to behave with some degree of class first. And before you start calling someone a liar, you better be damn sure you know what the heck you are talking about - because you are so far off in this case, you might as well be in outer space.