Middletown Girl Leaves Mark on Christie

A 9-year-old named Ginger has been chatting with New Jersey governor after Hurricane Sandy.

Ginger from Middletown, Gov. Chris Christie won’t forget you.

Christie has seen parts of New Jersey twisted into unrecognizable versions of their former selves by Hurricane Sandy. However, the image that stands out for the tough-talking New Jersey governor is the fearful look from a 9-year-old in tears.

“I’m not good with kids crying. And she was the only child who came up to me during these two weeks who was in tears when she came to see me. She told me how scared she was and she didn’t have her house anymore,” Christie said. “I won’t ever forget her or her face or her fear.”

Christie assured her the adults were in charge and another storm would not be coming any time soon, so she didn’t have to be afraid. The governor took down her cell phone number and has spoken with Ginger a few times since they met.

Christie said he hasn't had much time to process how the hurricane has affected him, but noted that the residents he encountered while touring the state have left their mark.

“A lot of the sleeplessness that I’ve had over the last two weeks has been attributed to those faces and their pain. It’s not like you can turn that off when you go to bed, no matter how tired you are,” Christie said. “Much of it has been about seeing those faces in my mind as I close my eyes go to sleep at night and thinking about them and especially that little girl.”


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