Morganville Man Charged With Assaulting Two Marlboro Cops

Nicholas Demo, 20, allegedly assaulted his father and two police officers while being arrested on charges of criminal mischief and kidnapping.

Nicholas Demo, 20, of Morganville was arrested Friday on several charges, after police responded to a suspected domestic violence call.

Demo was charged with kidnapping his father through confinement, and allegedly threatening to kill his father with a club, as well as allegedly kicking his father enough to leave bruising.

Patrolmen David Ruditsky and Joseph Meglio responded to the scene, where Demo allegedly pushed and threatened both officers while police attempted to separate Demo and his father.

Demo also allegedly kicked out the right rear window of patrol unit 2822, causing $500 of damage.

Demo is charged with kidnapping, threatening violence, three counts of aggravated assault, criminal mischief, the unlawful possession of a weapon, purposely resisting arrest and purposely causing bodily injury. Demo is currently at Monmouth County Jail, with a combined bail of $286,000, according to inmate records.


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