Marlboro Storm Cleanup Costs Estimated at More than $1 Million

Debris cleanup is ongoing in Marlboro Township.

Mayor Jon Hornik announced last week that the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy will cost Marlboro Township $1,060,000. 

The costs come from township employee overtime payments, including in the police department and public works department, as well as continued cleanup efforts.

As of Dec. 6, the public works department has picked up a football field's worth of debris, if piled 13-feet high.

"This is the largest storm in the history of Marlboro Township," Hornik said. 

Townships in New Jersey are expecting to receive between 75 and 90 percent reimbursement from FEMA for storm-related costs. Neighboring townships such as Manalapan have already been reimbursed, but it is not know how long the process will take for Marlboro.

The costs will be initially paid for from the 2013 fiscal year budget, which has not yet been formally announced.


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