Tax Rates Go Up, Budget Down From Last Year

A look at how the 2012 budget impacts your property taxes.

Marlboro Township Business Administrator Jon Capp presented the 2012 budget, estimated $32.6 million, at last week's Town Council meeting.

The budget has not yet been adopted by the township, but Capp's presentation highlighted a $350,000 budget decrease from the 2007 budget of $32.95 million.

However, the tax rate will increase from 31 to 33.8 cents, which the administration contributes to revenue decreases.

“Our spending is going down, but we have a revenue problem," Mayor Jon Hornik said in February.

The mayor said grants and state aid are not as readily available as in the past. This year, Gov. Chris Christie announced municipal aid would not increase, leaving Marlboro's state funding at last year's number of $2,268,949.

Hornik also said interest income and the use of the deferred school tax is down, and the township needs to figure out how to increase revenue without raising taxes.

The municipal budget accounts for 16 percent of resident property taxes. The Marlboro school budget accounts for 69 percent of taxes, and county taxes account for 15 percent.

That 16 percent that makes up the municipal budget pays for services such as , Parks and , Public Works, and insurance, capital projects, uncollected taxes, code enforcement and health and human services.

63 percent of the estimated budget appropriations are allotted for municipal personnel. According to Capp, 13 percent of appropriations are for discretionary department operating budgets, which have been cut since last year.

The 2012 budget , as well as a decrease in non-tax revenue. Capp said state-mandated budget items have increased by $2.3 million, but other spending in the township has been cut since 2007.

2007 Township Spending 2012 Estimated Township Spending Municipal Spending $27,482,227 $24,780,846 NJ State Mandates $5,463,500 $7,806,952

The township is , including recreation programs, the and public works programs.

"Our reality is that things have to be looked at critically," Mayor Jon Hornik said.

Hornik also announced that the , as well as wave the fees at the township dump for residents looking to dispose before or after spring cleanup.

The 2012 capital improvements budget will include further road and sidewalks improvements, as well as and the preservation of farmland and the acquisition of open space or recreation.

Below is the estimated cost of municipal services on the average residential property taxes, as provided by the township. These numbers do not include county and school taxes, and only cover the 16 percent of taxes that go toward municipal services.

Police 668.35 Public Works 364.17 Administration and Insurance 207.67 Capital Projects and Debt 132.63 Uncollected Taxes 110.01 Code Enforcement 63.40 Health and Human Services 58.50 Other 18.93 Total Municipal Taxes 1,623.66

The next Town Council meeting will be on March 22 at 7 p.m. in .

cynicinmarlboro March 06, 2012 at 10:28 AM
If only that 16% were all we had to pay in taxes! And to think that 69% goes to the school district that looked to move the vote and take away our right to vote on their budget. Moving the vote to get more voter participation will only work on years there is a major election. Otherwise the apathy will continue, all while the school district may budget to the 2% cap to cover yearly raises that many of us do not seem to be getting elsewhere (contract negotiations really need to be reigned in). Until a better school funding formula is found I want a say in how I think my taxes dollars should be spent where I can. Thanks to the board members who spoke for the voters in that regard. Then there is the FRHSD (now paying for another long legal battle on questionable tenure charges that sound criminal and should have been investigated by the prosecutor rather than this way), the county and state taxes on top of that. Does anyone else think there is entirely too much government to pay for? Or that we are not being represented properly?
J. Tannen March 06, 2012 at 10:01 PM
I agree with you, cynic. We are definately paying too much for government. However, what makes it more frustrating is that we elected the same people who told us everything was moving in the right direction and that we should keep the same team in place. Now, we are listening and reading about all of the financial problems we are having and the song and dance of the mayor. I am very disturbed and disgusted with all of this. How did something that was supposedly going so well suddently become a list of problems that are trying to be solved. I ahve been reading some of the banter on the Marlboto forum and some of the issues being raised are quite interesting.


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