Mayor Engel Not Satisfied with JCP&L Communication

Engel has requested ice and water from FEMA.

Mayor Jarrett Engel said he is certainly not satisfied with communication from JCP&L.

In an online update, Engel said he is seeing many streets in bordering towns get power up, while much of Colts Neck remains in the dark.

"Unfortunately, we have found that communication with JCP&L regarding timing and location has been unreliable and inaccurate; with no information beyond today, other than that most of our town should have power by Wednesday," Engel said.

With residents running on well-water, many are without any resources. Engel said he has contacted FEMA and requested a shipment of ice, water, food, batteries and blankets. 

"We have also set up transition housing for those folks looking to evacuate to a hotel; information can be found on the FEMA website and at the comfort stations."

The Comfort Stations will be located at: First Aid Building on Heritage Lane, Fire House 1 on Route 537, Fire House 2 on Conover Road.

The Comfort Stations will have the following: showers (you must bring your own towels and toiletries), Non-Drinking Water to use in toilets at home (you must bring your own container), and power to charge your cell phones.

Non-drinkable water will be available 24 hours a day in the Town Hall parking lot at Firehouse 2 lower parking lot, residents must bring their own containers.

Water is available for horse owners at Fire House 2 on Conover Road in the lower parking lot.

A decision will be made on Monday whether or not Colts Neck schools will reopen fully on Wednesday, and Halloween activities are postponed until further notice.

"I know that frustrations are high and I share in your disappointment, but I have been and will continue to be encouraged by our town’s willingness to get through this together," Engel said. "Please continue your thoughts and prayers for those communities harder hit than ours."

As of 4 a.m. on Monday, more than 2,000 residents in the small town are still impacted by power outages.


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