Trip to Japan a Once in a Lifetime Chance for Marlboro Young Ambassadors

12 Young Ambassadors visited Marlboro's sister-city in August.

Nanto, Japan was the trip of a lifetime for a dozen Marlboro teenagers this year, a trip made possibly through the Youth Exchange program to the township's sister cities.

In 2011, teens had the chance to host . This August, those teens boarded the plane to meet their own host families.

Nanto City became Marlboro's Sister City in 1997, under former Mayor Saul Hornik. Then, Nanto was Johana, until the two combined seven years ago in a mutual agreement. The agreement was re-signed in February of this year.

Students had the opportunity to visit sites such as Hiroshima, Kyoto and the mountains of Tateyama. 

The Mayor of Nanto City sent a gift home with the students from Marlboro Mayor Jon Hornik, a hand-crafted doll in a large glass casing.

Marlboro students interested in traveling to Nanto in 2014 must first be one host-family to the 2013 group of students coming from Japan. For more information, visit the Youth Exchange program website.


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