Marlboro and Colts Neck Schools in Session for President's Day

Marlboro K-8 has a full day on Friday while Colts Neck K-8 has a half day. FRHSD has school both Friday and Monday in full sessions.

Both Marlboro and Colts Neck schools will have a full day session on Monday, despite the President's Day holiday.

Marlboro schools are open on Feb. 15, while Colts Neck students have a half day this Friday.

Freehold Regional School District students have full days on both Friday and Monday.

The changes to the school calendar came after almost two weeks of school closings due to Hurricane Sandy.

Colts Neck K-8:

  • 2/15 (President's Day) - Half Day, Staff Inservice
  • 2/18 (President's Day) - Full day session
  • 3/6 - Parent-Teacher Conferences canceled, full day session
  • 3/7 - Parent-Teacher Conferences canceled, full day session
  • 3/8 - Full Session Day
  • 4/1 (Spring recess) - Full day session

Marlboro K-8:

  • 2/15 and 2/18 (President's Day) - Full day sessions
  • 4/1 (Spring recess) - Full day session


  • 2/15 - Full day session
  • 2/18 - Full day session
  • 4/1 - Full day session


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